In-House Legal Departments

In House Legal Department Case Studies

Legal Services Panel Selection RFPs

I have been asked by large corporations to recommend law firms that I believe would be good candidates for panel RFPs as I work closely with many great firms. Legal departments need assistance with Outside Counsel Guidelines and Billing Guidelines and structuring RFPs. I have responded to hundreds of RFPs and have seen where better questions would provide better answers. I developed a database with hundreds of questions by industry and practice area that should be asked in RFPs.

A global financial services client required assistance with a panel RFP. I established the goals of the RFP, timelines, value added services, fee quotes, questions, and how the proposal would be scored etc. The structured RFP enabled the GC to select the best panel firms.

Matter RFPs

Legal departments of all sizes need assistance with matter RFPs. I can execute RFPs from beginning to end.
An insurance company discussed the needs for assistance with a compliance RFP. I had in my tool kit questions and pricing templates to ensure that the right questions were asked and the right pricing templates were used.

RFP Software Implementation

I work with many RFP software providers. Each vendor has different features and benefits that need to be analyzed to decide upon the best provider for your legal department’s needs and structure. My database of hundreds of questions by industry and practice area is a valuable tool when inputting RFP questions into the system.