Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

Best practices RFP Processes
Before submitting an RFP, you need to make sure your processes are in place. I can help with designing not just a process for submitting an RFP but also analyzing the responses. RFPs can be for panel firms or a single matter or just the price (Request for Quote) and each needs a detailed process. I work with in-house counsel on processes. I also consult on questions by industry and practice area that should be asked in RFPs to get the responses you need to make an informed decision. In fact, I have a database with best practices questions that I can access for your RFP.

Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA)
As AFAs are gaining in popularity, in-house legal departments need to understand the pricing models law firms use to determine pricing. Pricing templates are a valuable resource to determine pricing alternatives for pricing various matters. I work with law firms and in-house legal pricing and ops departments to determine the best pricing structures.

If you would like to learn more about RFP best practices and AFAs, and how my services will benefit your lawyers, please contact me.