Workshop: Strategic Proposal Management

The purpose of this Workshop is to highlight strategies at various milestones of writing a proposal and put them into practice. During this Workshop, I will discuss how to apply best practices and show you how to implement them during the proposal process. The information will build your skills and help you win more bids. You will be able to put into practice key learnings right away.


This Workshop is customized to address your pain points. I meet with your senior team to learn about your issues in order to customize the course for your firm. So far, no two workshops have been exactly the same. Some of the modules that you can choose to customize your training session are:

  • Review RFP for Go/NO/Go Decision–Think Strategy
  • Proposal Management Strategies
  • Analyze the RFP to Identify Strategies (Exercise)
  • Do Your Homework to Identify Strategies
  • Kick-off Meeting Strategies
  • Strategy: Four Critical Steps
  • Differentiation – Key to Your Strategy (Exercise)
  • Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • Writing a Strategic Executive Summary (Exercise)
  • Effectively Using Red Teams to Verify Strategies
  • Analyzing a Proposal (Exercise)
  • Strategic Learnings From Debriefs
  • Strategic Proposal Tracking

The Workshop is designed to be interactive; participants are encouraged to feel free to ask questions as this is their opportunity to learn winning tactics. The processes can be used on large and small proposals; formal and informal RFP responses.

Attendees have said that their proposal win-rate will definitely go up and that the style of the Workshop training program was facilitative and practical.
If you want to increase your proposal win-rate, require a proven process and want better performance from your proposal teams, this Workshop is for you.

Please contact me to find out more about how I can help with your proposal strategy. My contact information is under “Contacts” on my website.