Increase your credibility and win rate

Need some help with proposal writing? I can assist by writing small-to-large-scale and complex joint partnership proposals from low to high value. My expertise covers proposals to the private and public sectors, and Public Private Partnerships (P3s).


I can help you when:
-Your firm doesn’t have or is still looking for permanent proposal writers
-You have an overload of RFPs and your workload is very heavy
-When you have a “bet the farm” proposal

You will be required to provide subject matter experts for the duration of the proposal. In addition to writing, I will review your input and offer suggestions to ensure that your content will have the desired impact on in-house counsel and procurement. Throughout the process you will receive draft documents as they are written to ensure your approval on the strategy, tone, direction, writing style, and content.

Business and market research enables a better analysis of the RFP opportunity and a framework for on-point strategy. Well written, well researched proposals increase the win rate and your credibility in the marketplace.

You may select from the following list of services in completing your proposal activities.

  • Reviewing of the proposal opportunity by stepping through a bid/no-bid decision process
  • Researching – client and competitors
  • Proving strategic guidance and developing overall strategy
  • Articulating clear competitive differentiation
  • Developing proposal templates in compliance with EOI/RFI/RFP requirements as well as corporate branding guidelines
  • Writing proposal content and position the Executive Summary
  • Providing guidance on proposal content and editing support
  • Providing quality assurance oversight to ensure proposal quality, compliance, and completeness
  • Evaluating and providing a critique of your past proposals

Each firm has its own process and technology for developing proposals, so I excel at integrating with your existing team and structure.

I am very comfortable working behind the scenes to make you successful or being front-and-center and working with senior leaders.

If you would like to learn more about proposal strategy and writing and how my services will benefit your lawyers and proposal teams, please contact me.