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Requests for proposals

The RFP process has become more sophisticated and complex, but law firms still have to play ball to get on the preferred panel list. Law firms are seeing companies take an increasingly sophisticated approach in the way they procure and engage legal services. And many…

Understanding the Buyer’s Role in Legal Procurement

Over the past several years there has been a significant change in the kind of Request for Proposals (RFPs) that law firms are receiving for legal services, not just in terms of volume and complexity, but in that the issuer is from legal procurement or legal sourcing (as some professionals are called) rather than from the corporate legal department or the office of the general counsel directly.

Here’s How Sales Teams Add Value—If They Have Access

While utilization of sales and business development teams has become common at law firms, the level of involvement such teams have in client relationships varies from firm to firm. And how integral they are to the process of retaining and maintaining work is all over the map.

By Patrick Smith, Journalist, American Lawyer

The evolving role of legal pricing professionals

Pricing is a key lever influencing and driving financial performance as well as a pressure point for law firms as their clients demand more for less and a better balance between pricing and value. Toronto-based consultant Nancey Watson sat down recently with Stuart Dodds, director of Global…